Getting More Recreational Vehicles, RVs, and Motor Homes to Your Truck Wash – Strategy Study

If you own a barter wash, and ambition to access your aggregate due to the challenges in the industry with beneath “BJ and the Bandit” Independent Truckers on the alley these days, again conceivably you ability accede alluring added RVs or Recreational Cars to your barter wash. Not continued ago, a barter ablution administrator asked absolutely how I ability do that.

We discussed the abeyant of abutting RV Storage Facilities to accredit customers, conceivably a abatement program. Additionally, it was appropriate that hitting up RV’ers while arcade for food at the bounded grocery abundance or anchored over night at Wal-Mart ability aswell be wise. Hiring two bounded gals from the association academy track, soccer, basketball, or advance brawl aggregation to duke out these flyers fabricated sense, while aswell accomplishing the circuit at the Barter Stops handing flyers to truckers in the aboriginal evenings or backward afternoons. Perhaps, two canicule per week, on the barter washes slowest days.

One application was what blazon of flyers to use. I appropriate press the flyers 4-up or four on the page in cardstock, in a ablaze blush such as “solar yellow” and 80 lb. car stock. Maybe 1,000 flyers for RV’s and 1,000 added for bounded fleets with box blazon supply trucks or architecture cars while they were at it. After the chat I mentioned the allegation to accede RV Parks too, and conceivably even authoritative a accord to column RV Storage flyers in the antechamber of the barter wash, in barter for accepting the RV Storage places forward out flyers in their account invoices to customers.

Other grass roots bounded business should cover sending a “blitz team” to advertise accounts with bounded trucking companies, tow companies, supply fleets, BLM, city-limits hall, academy buses, day affliction centermost buses, architecture companies, etc. Literally hitting every aggregation with ample cars in the absolute city, allurement them for their business, giving them a free-wash coupon, and alert to their needs, the cold getting bushing up the barter ablution accolade during off-hours.

For Recreational Cars Travelers – it was acclaimed that the RV articulation is anemic appropriate now, but there is still some business there. Including off-road weekend warriors, and perhaps, business bout buses, bands, and such. One advancement was to put flyers in the Chamber of Commerce/Visitor’s Centermost and Museums, and in trade, put the Visitor Centermost map on the bank of the barter ablution lobby, forth with bounded day-tripper destinations advertisement stand. Cross-referring and recommending.

If you wish added advice or business account for your barter wash, I allegation a $100 Starbucks Card and plan through emails. Think on this strategy, and accede your approaching business plans.

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